Who we are | Quale l'humain capital
Quale was founded in 2012 by Gilles Marion and Philippe Humeau, who each have 20 years of experience working in SMEs, international organizations and NGOs in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Quale’s main focus is responding to challenges that could undermine unity within organizations. Quale helps its clients to strengthen (or establish) cohesion, in order to prevent a weakening of their organization and other possible negative effects arising from division and disunity.
Quale's clients are public and private sector organizations, international institutions, states and companies.

Quale's strengths:
  • Diverse experience arising from engagement with a wide range of organizations, socio-cultural backgrounds and sectors of activity;
  • Expertise in analysis and diagnosis, and in building cohesion in different contexts, including extreme ones;
  • A human-based approach to organizational and social transformations in the worlds of business, culture and education.

Quale is a Qualiopi certified training organisation.