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Developing a professional culture

Client: Bank and Clients plc

Ensuring ethical behavior and an ethical culture in the UK banking sector.

After the 2008 crisis, the City of London's regulatory authority demanded that financial institutions transform their culture in order to prevent professional abuses in the banking sector. Quale facilitated internal thinking within the organization by mobilizing its various teams to engage in a cultural diagnosis. We first defined collectively the issues to be addressed. We then facilitated the development of a code of conduct, based on a shared vision and defined principles. Finally, working with management, we established how the principles chosen should be applied in employees’ daily practice.

Logistics and organizational effectiveness

Client : Médecins sans frontières (MSF – Doctors Without Borders) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Optimizing organizational processes in supply chains

MSF and UNFPA are two exemples of organizations whose mandate include delivering complex programme in international, challenging contexts. Global Supply Chains are essential components of humanitarian actions, and end-to-end communication throughout the Supply Chains is a condition for success.
We brought a collective approach to the process and system changes that we facilitated for both MSF (London office) and UNFPA (Copenhagen office). Our work focused on the interactions between the different functions of the organizations and instilled continuous optimization of business processes through iterative and inclusive approaches. The constant evolution and the proliferation of options make this both essential and demanding. Our approach to process optimization combines listening to our clients’ requests, applying technical rigor, engaging teams in functional analysis, describing different situations (both existing and those that are aimed for), as well as developing operational roadmaps – always guided by clearly defined objectives.

Supporting organizational change

Client : Banque PSA Finance
Supporting reorganization in the context of an overall restructuring

Banque PSA Finance, a global leader in the automotive industry, was engaged in a global transformation project, called the LION project. This was a major undertaking for the client, and represented a big shift in the financing of vehicle purchases across Europe. The project required adjustments to ensure the optimal integration of changes among the organization’s different teams – a particular challenge, since the human dimension of any organizational transformation cannot always be fully planned. Quale facilitated the project by obtaining employees’ perceptions of the changes taking place and working with them to identify and analyze the technical (mission continuity) and social (constructive human relations) issues faced. This approach helped to ease tensions and allowed the project to move forward.

Strategic support on understanding and managing manifestations of religious belief

Client : Ramsay Générale de Santé

Analyzing manifestations of religious belief and establishing a framework for managing this issue for a private health care company (France)

Noting changes in the manifestations of religious belief within some of its entities, and the difficulties faced by supervisory staff in negotiating this phenomenon, this important health group wanted to orient itself on the subject and to establish a path forward for managing it. The first step was to learn more about the legal framework on the subject. It was then necessary to gain an understanding of the manifestations of religious belief taking place, whether among patients or staff. In order to support managers in responding to this phenomenon, we helped develop a management framework on the subject. The framework brings together both the legal provisions and the client’s corporate policy on the subject.

Providing support on manifestations of religious belief in the context of laïcité (secularism)

Client : ANFH – Ile-de-France – Association Nationale pour la Formation permanente du personnel hospitalier

Analyzing the phenomenon of manifestations of religious belief and establishing a management framework for the issue for public hospitals in France

Noting changes in the manifestations of religious belief in some public health facilities, and the difficulties faced by staff in managing this phenomenon, the ANFH was considering providing training on the subject. Public health sector institutions in France are subject to the principle of laïcité (secularism) and must ensure the religious neutrality of staff. At the same time, they must manage manifestations of religious belief among patients. The ANFH wished to explore the possibility of designing specific training for hospital staff, and to consider the appropriate approach in this area. Since manifestations of religious belief and conceptions of secularism are not subjects on which there is consensus in France, strategic reflection was launched by the ANFH Ile-de-France.